Troubleshooting Your Internet Service

How to Trouble Shoot Internet Connection Problems 

There is nothing as frustrating as an internet connection problem. If you are wondering, how do i fix my slow internet, or how to troubleshoot internet not working, here are a few tips that can help.


The first thing you ought to try if your connection is not working is to try a ping command. Open the command prompt window, go to your start menu then run a command such as ping This command will send a few packets to the address you have specified. The web server is supposed to respond to each packet it gets. If the packets sent and received are the same, there has been 0% packet loss, and the time it takes for each packet to respond is low, then your internet connection is fine. If the opposite is true, you have a problem with your connection.

Modem and Router Issues

If you are having problems with several websites, this could mean your modem or router has issues. Identify whether a green or orange light is flashing on the equipment. A green light indicates network traffic which means everything is working as it should. An orange light indicates a problem with the gadget. Try rebooting these gadgets to fix the problem.

Check Whether Your Computer is Configured Properly

In some cases, you may find that only one computer is not connecting to the internet. This could indicate that it is either infected with a virus, or that the network settings are improperly configured. Run the windows network diagnostic routine which will reset the computer's adapter. If this does not work, check the network adapter settings to ensure the adapter is using the latest drivers.

Fix Internet Speed

Some of the common internet providers AT & T, HughesNet, and CenturyLink have  different internet service plans. Oftentimes, the problem with your connection is that it is slow. One way of improving slow internet is by either re-configuring your DNS settings, fixing your Wi-Fi signal, or turning off bandwidth hogging applications. If the problem persists, confirm the amount of bandwidth you have paid for. Sometimes sluggish internet is caused by low cost internet. Pay for a higher package for faster internet