Best Cell Phones to Help Your Elderly Parents

 In order to help your elderly parents in all walks of life, you should find them the best quality senior phone so that they can easily stay connected with you and their friends. These devices often come with affordable phone plans offered by many carriers.

Nokia 301

Despite the fact that they are not designed to help seniors, Nokia 301 comes with several appealing features. It is a basic phone that has user-friendly layout. It doesn’t have a display with large text or large keys, but it can provide more functionality. It has some useful apps, fine camera, and also internet access.

Google Pixel XL

If your parents are tech savvy, this Google’s phablet is designed just for them. It is little bigger than a smart phone but little smaller than tablet. It is not specifically designed for seniors, but it is a good pick if you are looking for a user-friendly senior cell phone. The phone looks a lot larger than others due to the display which is easier for them to read when they zoom in on text. It has bright AMOLED display but it can handle brightness the best. It comes with a stylus that provides more precise movement in some apps. 

Samsung Jitterbug

This phone is Samsung’s bestseller in the senior user-friendly phone market. It has been around for a while now and it has got good reviews in its life. The exterior has a jellybean-like design, a screen with high-contrast text and flipping it open has an interior with large buttons.

It has a close tie-in with GreatCall which is a helpful feature of Jitterbug. Users can easily make GreatCall as their official operator. To add a calendar event, there is no need to do it yourself. You may call the operator, provide information and they can enter the event. Other features provided are voice calling and Bluetooth.