Testing Your Internet Speed

Testing Your Internet Speed 

You may be wondering ‘ how fast is my internet ‘ and rightfully so. Whether you are trying to work from home or you are simply surfing the web, testing your internet speed can help you figure out if you could be getting a bit more service for your money. An internet speed test is luckily, very easy to do and there are a number of ways that you can accomplish this task. Keep in mind however, different services will provide slightly different results. So if you are looking for a very accurate reading, you will want to keep that in mind when you decide on a speed test tool.

Most commonly, people test their internet speed to make sure they are getting fast internet for what they are paying each money on their internet bill. Many people have found their internet speed to be much lower than what is advertised. If you have an issue with the provider then you may be able to request a speed bump up or a refund.


Testing your internet speed will ensure that you can stream high definition and high bandwidth movies and such. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu all require a certain level of internet speed in order to properly utilize their content. Slow internet speed will result in the video being very choppy or stopping periodically in order to buffer.

How To Test Internet Speed

There are a number of free internet speed tools that will allow you to test your speed. There are apps for your phone as well that will test your internet from there. Some different speed tests include ping tests, latency tests, DNS speed tests and service specific tests.

If you suspect that there is an issue with your internet speed or provider, take the time to personally test your internet speed. This will ensure that you are getting the services that you are paying for.