Testing Your Internet Speed

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Testing Internet Speeds 

If someone has current internet service and just wants higher speeds or if they are just looking into getting internet service for the first time, making sure they get the best speeds for their money often is one of the main features they want. In today’s world, there’s so much that can be done online that working to find internet plans with the fastest speeds is important, with applications, websites, music, and video streaming all needing a fast connection to work their best.

How Fast Is My Internet?

When someone asks, “How fast is my internet?” there are several sites that can help determine how fast their current internet is. This can help decide if they need or want to increase speeds and they can base what kind of speeds they will need from those test results. To test current speeds, the best method is to first make sure only the single main computer is connected to the internet. Disconnect any other computers, laptops, tablets, TVs, game systems and smartphones for the test. From here, go to one (or several) testing sites, such as fast.com, speedtest.net, speedof.me, or testmy.net and run the test. This will give the “real” speed. After this, reconnect all of the other devices and make sure they are all running and rerun the test. This will give the limit speed, or what can be expected with high usage.

With these test numbers, internet service providers in the local area can be compared for which will offer higher speeds and at what pricing. Many internet providers will offer discounted pricing for the first term or as part of a larger service package. Once it’s determined that an upgrade to a higher speed is the best option, the internet provider will come and install the new set up. This usually includes new equipment and wiring for the best connection.

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