Simple Features Make Elderly Phones The Perfect Choice For Seniors

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Although cell phones are for people of all ages, most senior citizens are quite new to the concept of a smartphone. They don't have the need to browse the Internet wherever they are, or check their social media. What they want a phone most for is to make phone calls to their friends and family members and to occasionally text. They also want a cell phone for emergencies. Because of this, there are a few cell phones out there that have been made especially for seniors. 

How to Select The Right Phone for Senior Citizens?

Like we mentioned, the elderly prefer to have a basic phone. Here are some essential things that most senior phones have:

  • The handset has to be user friendly for seniors.
  • The keyboard on the phone has to be spaced out with backlit functionality so that you can see the numbers easily.
  • The front of the phone has to be vivid and large.
  • The size of the screen on the phone has to be large.
  • The phone must have the speaker mode.
  • The phone will have a voice command feature. 
  • The phone should have one touch button SOS feature for emergencies.

All of these features make cell phones much more accessible to the elderly. Instead of squinting to see the numbers or buttons, or trying to navigate through a series of apps, senior phones are made with large buttons, a large screen and easy-to-read fonts so that the entire phone is senior friendly.

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