Senior Telephones

Many have experienced difficulties communicating over the phone, so imagine the difficulties seniors face. Senior phones ensure that communication is never lost. Senior telephones are accessible to any senior and it functions similarly to a normal phone, with some changes in design to allow ease of use by seniors.

Most senior telephones are designed and built with the senior in mind. To help the visually impaired, the buttons and screens on these phones are built bigger. The large buttons and fonts make it easier to read and easier to press. The larger screen helps to make information, such as caller ID, easier to read. The phones were also built for those that are hearing impaired; each phone is designed with a ringer that offers louder than normal volume options and flashing lights. These design features ensure that calls will never be missed.

Aside from the usual design features, there are many different types of phones with varying features and prices. Research is suggested as each senior phone models have been tailored to fit specific living situations, and prices can go up to about $100.

Additional features found in different phones are the walkie talkie feature, which allows communication between handsets. The walkie talkie feature can be a great feature to those that are unable to travel within the house. Some phones also have a caller ID announce feature, as this announces the caller ID as the call comes in. This feature is great for those that choose not to or can no longer utilize the display screen.

There are also phones that offer a method of locating other phones that have been misplaced. By pushing a button on the charging dock, the missing phone will give off an alarm, which then allows the phone to be located. A great benefit for those that forget to put the phone back after use. Some phones are built to have amplified speakers, ranging anywhere between 25 dB to 55 db, thus allowing seniors to easily hear those on the other line. The outgoing microphone is also amplified, allowing those on the other line to easily hear what is being said. There are also phones that utilize captions, which allows the listener to read the text as it is being communicated on the line. The phones can also come with a speaker phone feature, where all they have to do is say the name of the person that they want to call.

Senior phones come in all sorts of models with different features to fit certain lifestyles. They can be easily acquired from vendors online, but just remember to do the necessary research. Determining what kind of lifestyle a senior has is essential to figuring out what type of senior telephone is best. There is no doubt that senior phones are essential for the elderly, and with it, communication will always be a part of their everyday life. Communication can be difficult for some, so why not make it easier by purchasing senior telephones.