Senior Phone Plans

Seniors require phones that are affordable, easy to operate and with various applications tailored for their special needs. This will enable them to easily interact with their family members as well as perform key functions such as online shopping and banking.

Luckily, different cell phone companies are recognizing this need and have started manufacturing phones meant for seniors. Whether it you are buying it for yourself or purchasing it for your parent(s) you will need to consider several things.

The first consideration when looking for senior phone plans is quality. Choose a phone made by a reputable company and has bigger buttons, a loudspeaker as well as large screen texts. Besides that, it should have an affordable service plan together with nationwide coverage.

Apart from quality, phone plans for seniors should also have helpful and reliable applications. The following are some of the applications to be considered.

 Round-the-clock access to live registered nurses. This kind of service makes seniors comfortable by alleviating fears while at the same time providing access to medical practitioners. In case of an emergency medical condition, a senior will easily be able to request assistance.
 The other important applications to consider are those that provide weekly motivational calls to uplift the spirit of seniors and also to give them a sense of belonging care. Seniors are in most cases left alone something that can result in depression. Therefore weekly motivational calls can go a long way in solving this problem and keeping them engaged and encouraged.
 Last but not least, daily health tips that meet the American Heart Association’s guidelines is a great application to consider when shopping for senior phone plans. The application is designed to promote independent as well as healthy living.
 Medication reminder application is also one of the best applications to have in phone plans for seniors. Not only seniors forget about taking their medication but also most of the people. Having such a service gives seniors confidence even if they are staying alone.

The other factor that you should probably consider is pricing. Cell phone plans for seniors often start from around $15 per month but depending on some minutes needed by a customer. This kind of arrangement makes cell phone services affordable on a fixed income. Although there are other plans, it will be up to you to decide which one best suit your needs or those of your senior parent.

In general, most seniors prefer using cell phones that contain simple features and have applications that are beneficial to them. It is good news to learn that several companies have realized these needs and have started manufacturing cell phones tailored to meet the needs of seniors in the society. It is likely that in almost every shop you visit you will find a cell phone that can easily be operated by a senior.

Therefore it is important to consider these factors before choosing which phone to as a senior or for a senior. Some online stores provide cell phone plans specifically for seniors.