Senior Phone Discounts

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When it comes to senior citizens, they need a phone that can accommodate their unique needs. Whether shopping for landline or mobile phones, one needs to understand the user limitation. Therefore, there are senior phones that are designed to cater to impairments like speech, visual and hearing.

Easy phone access for seniors is very crucial. For whatever life bring them, like medical conditions or emergencies, elders may find themselves alone and in need of a phone. Therefore, they need to have full-time access to a phone service and direct contact with someone who can assist them at any time.

Phone Services Available

With the number of seniors rapidly increasing with time, more companies are inventing senior-friendly phones and offering great senior deals. For home phone systems, they have created senior phones with amplified systems that are installed with sound technology that is high definition. The high definition assists seniors who have hearing issues ranging from severe, moderate or mild. The phone system can either corded or cordless.

Furthermore, there are various services and types of seniors’ cell phones. For seniors who are not great with new technology, there are simple and straightforward phones that they can easily use. These easy phones are designed with seniors in mind so they have a big display screen, large buttons and loud sounds. They are easy to operate and are GPS enabled. GPS can also assist those who have memory problems, when there is a medical emergency and locating a specific home or building is needed.

Senior Phone Discounts Services

The AT&T Senior National 200 Plan involves a discounted cell phone service used for emergencies and connection with close ones. The plan is for those who do not regularly use a cell phone. The cost includes a one-time activation fee of $36 and $29.99 monthly access fee. The plan consists of 200 all-time minutes, 500 nights as well as weekend minute and the unlimited mobile to mobile calling.

Secondly, there is the Verizon Nationwide 65 plus plan for 65 years and above seniors. The activation fee is $35 and $29.99 monthly fee. It offers 200 anytime and 500 night and weekend minutes. For any additional minutes is $0.45 per minutes. Also, there is the Consumer Cellular plan for adults. It offers an activation fee of $35, and it starts at $10 per month with no roaming charges. Jitterbug Plans involves a start plan of $14.99 per month for 200 minutes. T-Mobiles cost $60 all inclusive and come with AutoPlay.

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