5 Tips When Buying Senior Citizen Phones

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Technology industry has continued to experience several innovations in the recent past. The communication sub-sector is among the most impacted areas. The result has seen a wide range of mobile phones entering the global market. Subsequently, the numbers of telephone and mobile-phone companies have significantly increased.

It is important to note that many senior citizens have different needs and preferences to the youths when it comes to phones. Most youths are looking for several hours of entertainment, gamming and internet surfing especially on social media platforms. Senior citizens, on the other hand, mostly value easy communication with family, friends and colleagues. They prefer gadgets that are easy to use and fit their lifestyle. Below are some essential aspects to consider when buying senior citizen phones:

Look for a gadget that has senior-friendly keyboard. You need to prioritize on phones with large and well spaced buttons. The keyboard should be easy to press and have adequate backlight for easier use at night. You are advised to go for the manual option as opposed to the touch-screens. However, it is good to listen to what the senior prefers. You definitely do not want to force them into a product out of their taste.

Consider senior citizen telephones with fonts that are easy to read both on keyboard and display-screen. This makes it easy on usage. Smaller fonts may force the user to strain the eyes. For manual keyboards, this is very important. This is not a key feature when buying a Smartphone because they allow for customized font size for both display-screen and soft-keys.

Choose a speakerphone with in-built voice command. This is a vital feature especially when the senior has visual and hearing challenges. Confirm that the speaker has adequate and clear sound. The voice command makes it easy for navigation and dialing. It is a perfect complement to senior citizen phones. Voice command does not only make it easy to use the gadget but also improves accuracy during usage.

Go for senior citizen telephones with assistive and simplified features. Currently there are phones specifically designed for use by senior-citizens. The Smartphone alternative makes it easy to find mostly used icons and functions. Some of these devices come with pre-installed senior applications with direct shortcuts to menu, keyboard and other basic Apps. There are also phones that have a one-touch SOS emergency button. You definitely need this to ensure that the grandfather/mother is always safe.

Consider price and communication plan. You must not buy the most-expensive phone in the market. Neither should you settle on the cheapest brand available. Look for good quality at affordable price. It is also advisable to settle on pre-paid communication plan. This allows you to only pay for what has been consumed.

You are encouraged to keep these tips whenever you are planning to buy a senior citizen’s phone. Establish the needs of the senior and identify the perfect phone for him/her. Feel free to analyze the various brands before settling on one.

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