Senior Cell Phones

In today's world, virtually everyone is connected via technology. From social media to everyday emails- people around the globe can easily stay connected by modern telecommunication. And these days, one of the most accessible and widely utilized forms of connecting is by mobile phones. Whether he or she is a teen, parent, business professional, or senior citizen- there is at least one cell phone they use on a daily basis.

 The portability of a cell phone is truly the main reason why they are so widely popular with everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers. And for those who are 65 and older- keeping connected and "staying in touch" with loved ones is even more important. Just like the younger generation, older adults are wanting to access the internet and develop skills on the computer, as well as telecommunicate in an easy way. In 2016, there was an estimated 46.2 million senior citizens in the United States. By the year 2060, the senior population is expected to reach 92 million. 

With statistics like those- there will be a growing aging subculture that will continue to use technology to communicate for many years to come and with the emergence of state-of-the-art smartphones and other savvy tech devices, there are more options for older adults.

What Are The Best Senior Cell Phones Around Today?

 Well, right now there are a desirable variety of styles and brands available on the market that are not only senior-friendly but also high-tech. Among, the top 7 best cell phones are the following, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Jitterbug flip-phone, Jitterbug Smart, LG 470, Unlocked BLU Joy, snapfon ezTWO3G, and the Apple iPhone 6S.

Each specific phone is built with special features. From simple easy-to-read number keypads, vivid screens, louder speakers, and safety functions such as specific apps or buttons that keep he or she safely connected to a loved one in case of an emergency. For active adults, there are cell phones that are built with fantastic camera modes that capture moments to share with the grandkids at a quick click of a finger with no hassle. 

And for tech-shy seniors, many of these mobile phones are great for effortlessly launching apps, dialing a call, or simply text messaging as well as offering high-quality speeds in regards to web-browsing. Also, most of today's cell phones and plans designed specifically for seniors make it easier than ever to connect with family, friends, and medical facilities at a lower cost than other mobile phone options. For instance, companies like Consumer Cellular, Tracfone, and Cricket offer great discounts on phones and overall data packages to help seniors effectively save money. Budget-friendly services like non-contract phone plans, unlimited talk and text, and dependable coverage are created especially for seniors who want to keep a stronghold on their pocketbook. 

Created with the same efficiency and functionality in mind as senior telephones, today's senior cell phones are designed to please the older consumer. And with more affordable mobile phone service providers offering discounts to seniors, there is never a better time to consider purchasing a cell phone.