Phones For the Elderly

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Sure, smartphones are amazing pieces of technology that are both fun and very useful. But the fact is, not everyone needs one and some just don’t have any use for all that technology. This is especially true for retired senior citizens. The good news is that that there is a lot of different choices when it comes to phones for the elderly. With a little research, it is not too difficult to find elderly cell phones that fit their specific needs. The following are some examples.

Consumer Cellular

This company has been a favorite choice among elderly cell phones. One of their current popular models is called the Doro Phone Easy 626. This one is a flip phone and comes in three colors, black, silver and burgundy. The buttons are raised and are black in color, with a white background, making it an easy to read dial pad. This phone comes hearing aid compatible, straight out of the box. When the phone is closed there is a visual ring indicator feature, lessening the chance to miss a cal. Perhaps the most thought full feature is the emergency call button on the back, which can be used when the phone is closed. When pressed, it will automatically call whatever number it is set to. Last but not least, the Doro phone has video capability.


Jitterbug is perhaps one of the most well-known makers of phones for the elderly. In fact, they have been around for quite a while now, even before cell phones became a reality. The two most popular cell phones for seniors by Jitterbug at this time are the Touch 3 and Jitterbug 5. The Jitterbug 5 comes with a No/Yes navigation capability, making the drive a much easier affair. Both come with an option called Urgent Care, where the user can contact a medical professional at all times. With a built-in GPS feature, it means that family members will be able to see the location of the phone at all times. The Touch 3 phone is more for elderly users who are comfortable using a few more features. It comes with internet capability. This means it will support email service and even support some apps. The screen is full size, but the dial pad will have large easy to read numbers.

The ezTwo

Snapfon makes a cell phone for the elderly population known as the ezTwo. The main claim to fame of this phone is that it is very easy to use. This is the main reason why many elderly citizens will start of with this phone. It is truly an entry-level phone. It comes with some basic features such as monitoring service and an emergency call button feature. Another reason why its popular is its low price. Monthly usage costs can be as low as single digits. This phone is about getting basic, easy to use phone service at one of the cheapest prices. There are no monthly contracts, to boot.

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