Helpful Tips on Senior Phones

What to Ask When Looking For Cell Phones for Seniors?

With the availability of senior cell phones, there have been a lot of new improvements and additions in the cell phone market for the seniors. These days, phones come with longer lasting battery life, have become slimmer, and have extra features that early models lack in.

Does the Phone Come With an Emergency Call Button? 

Most of the senior phones have panic button located on the device. The main question here – Is it easy to understand and find?

What Is the Battery Life Expected? 

No one likes a battery which drains faster and which needs to be charged several times a day, especially when it is used for safety. You need a cell phone to last at least full day on full charge. Be sure that it is easy to plug the charging cord in the phone without any effort. In addition, you might also like to buy an extra cord.

Is Keypad Easy to use with Large Keys? 

Make sure the keypad has backlit. It is an important consideration. Are the keys simple to depress? Is keypad uncomplicated and simple?

Does the Phone Fit Well On Hand? 

If a phone is too big, older hands may find trouble to hold it. Some people also have problem with small phones. The choice is completely personal. Your loved one may not want to carry it, let alone using it. They cannot hold it properly. Find out if a smart phone or flip phone is better?

What Carriers are Supported? 

There are several senior phone plans available that can make the device easier to buy. Some carriers also provide these plans in some phones. There are both pros and cons of these models.

Are Volume Settings Louder? 

In case your elderly parent have trouble in hearing, make sure volume settings are louder enough.