Find The Best Car Insurance Rates

Shopping for Rates

Don’t trust commercials. Every insurance company claims to have the best coverage at the best prices. The only way to know for sure is to collect quotes from different companies. Many insurance websites have online quote calculators to make this an easy and quick process. Search through all of your options and compare as many quotes as possible.

Another great resource is your state’s Department of Insurance. They should be happy to offer you advice on finding a deal that fits your needs, and let you know if a particular company in your area has had a lot of complaints.

Typically the younger you are, the more you will have to pay for car insurance rates. If you are a high school student, your rates will most likely be high, due to a relative lack of driving experience. When purchasing teenage car insurance, ask about discounts for things like making the honor roll or participating in extracurricular activities. If you are in college, it may be wise to purchase insurance through your parent’s plan. Student car insurance is significantly less if the driver attends school more than 100 miles away from the area where the vehicle is registered. Another option for new drivers is a low mileage discount. Most companies require that you drive under 7,500 miles per year to be eligible. This may be good for you if you are going away for college and not using your car, or if you only drive your car to school or work. Other discounts may be available if you are married, have children, or you wish to combine two policies such as your home and car insurance into one package. Keep checking back in the future, as well. Five years of safe driving may earn you a safe driver discount.

Know What You Want

Some new customers may not really understand what they want and need on the road. First of all, almost all U.S. states require specific minimum liability insurance for covering any accidents that you may cause. This is mandatory insurance. Above the minimum, auto insurers along with many experts recommend much higher liability limits. This is up to you as a customer. Higher liability limits will cause you to pay more for your auto insurance, but will provide more coverage in case you cause an accident. You also have to consider extras like uninsured motorist coverage, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.